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J.S. Bach:
Concertos for one, two, tree, four pianos and orchestra (All of them)

Piano concerto in D major;
Piano concerto in G major

J. N. Hummel:
Concerto in E major

F. Schubert- Liszt F .:
Wanderer Fantasia

F. Chopin :
Concerto No. 2 in f minor

Clara Schumann :
Concerto in a minor

E. Grieg :
Concerto in a minor

Concerto No.1 in b minor

S. Prokofiev:
Concerto No.3. in C major

G. Gershwin:
Concerto in F major;
Rhapsody in Blue

Piet Swerts:

W. A. Mozart:
Concertos for one and two pianos and orchestra (All of them)

L. van Beethoven:
1-5 concertos;
Rondo in B major;
Choir Phantasy;
Triple Concerto

Liszt F .:
Concerto No.1 in E flat major
Concerto No.2 in A major
Hungarian Fantasia

R. Schumann :
Concerto in a minor;
Konzertstück in G major

J. Brahms :
Concerto No.1 in d minor
Concerto No.2 in B flat major

F. Mendelssohn:
Concerto No.1 in g minor

S. Rachmaninov:
Concerto No.2 in c minor,
Concerto No.3 in d minor

B. Bartók :
Concerto No.3 in E major

C. Ives:
4. symhpony / piano solo

Sándor Szokolay :
Piano concerto;

Repertoire of Balázs Szokolay 2013

• Liszt: Sonata in B minor
• Schumann: Fantasie in C major
• Rachmaninov: Sonata for cello and piano
• Schnittke: II. Sonata for cello and piano

Repertoire of Balázs Szokolay 2006, USA concert tour

• Scarlatti: Sonatas "E , C" (L.21, S-3.)
• Haydn: Sonata "C" (London, No.60.)
• Mozart: Sonatas "a, Bb" (K.310, 570.)
• Schubert: Moment Musicaux "f" (No.3.), Hungarian Divertimento
• Schumann: Novellett "F" (Op.21. No. 1.)
• Brahms: Op. 118. Nos. 2-3. Intermezzo, Ballada, Trio "C", Hungarian Dances (1-2,5,7,20-21)
• Liszt: Rhapsodies Nos. 11., 17., Valses oubliées Nos. 1.,3., Les Preludes (4 hands) • Chopin: Barcarolle, Sonate No. 3., Variations brillantes, 14 Valses, Nocturne C#, 2 Etudes "f"
• Dohnányi: Rhapsody "C"
• Kodály: Op.11. Nos. 2-3.
• Szokolay: Blood Wedding - Suite
• Bartók: Sonate for 2 Pianos, 2 Dirges, Rumanian dances, Folktunes
• Gershwin: Piano Concerto "F", Preludes Nos. 2-3.

• J. Brahms:
Concerto No.2 in B major

• C. Saint-Saëns:
Concerto in g minor

• F. Chopin:

Concerto No.1 in e minor

• S. Rachmaninov:
Concerto No. 1 in f sharp minor

• Péter Eötvös:
Piano concerto

Repertoire of Balázs Szokolay in 2006, outisde USA

• Mozart: "d", Rondo "D", Variations "G" (4 hands), 3 songs, Trio "C", Violin Sonate "A", 4 hand Sonatas "F, D", Phantasy and Sonate "c", 2 Rondos "a, D"
• Beethoven: Cello Sonate "A", 7 Menuettes (4 hands)
• Haydn: Concertos "G, D" • Brahms: Scherzo "c", Trio "C"
• Bach: Trio Sonate "Eb", Transcriptions for 4 hands (Choral Preludes)
• Schubert: Arpeggione Sonate, Rondo Brillante, Trios "Bb, Eb"
• Schumann: Sonate (violin) "a", Sonate "f#", Trio "d", 3 Romanzes, Fantasiestücke Op. 73, Adagio - Allegro, Frauenliebe und Leben
• Dvorak: 3 Slavonic dances (4 hands)
• Bizet: Jeux d'Enfants
• Shostakovich: Sonate "d" (cello), 6 Songs, 4 Preludes, Duo Violine + Piano, Fantastic dances - excerpts
• Debussy: Le Petite Suite
• Sibelius: Valse triste
• Bartók: I. Rhapsody, 8 Hungarian Folksongs, Kolindes, For Children III.-IV.,
• Kodály: Cello Sonate, Mikrokosmos
• Reinecke: Flute Sonate
• Liszt: Funerailles, 4 Consolations, Schlaflos, I. lugubre gondola, Sposalizio
• Szokolay: 2 Portrets, Miniatures
• P. Eötvös: Piano Concerto